Using Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is a lightweight application for reading e-books, which has been in use since the introduction of Adobe’s Reader 8 application. Installation and usage of the Digital Editions is free of charge.

After launching the application, one of two modes will be displayed: the Library view or the Reading view. The Library view displays an overview of the downloaded e-books in your collection, whereas the Reading view will displays a single e-book for reading, browsing, printing, adding and viewing bookmarks and searching through the table of contents. You can change views by clicking the icons in the top left corner of the application.

esimerkkikuva 1 digital editions menu

Loaning and returning e-books

You loan e-books from the Ellibs system by clicking the link with your desired lending time on the book information page, located underneath the book cover. Your browser will request to open “URLLink.acsm”; in the dialog, you should select to open the file with Adobe Digital Editions. If the program has not been installed, you will be prompted to install the program. In some cases, Adobe Digital Editions will not be available in the list of applications; it’s therefore also possible to download the file and open it at a later date.

esimerkkikuva 2 digital editions lainaus

When you have downloaded the e-book, Adobe Digital Editions will launch the Reading view and display the e-book. It will be possible to the read the e-book during the duration of the lending time and does not require an Internet connection.

esimerkkikuva 3 digital editions aukeaa

It’s possible to return the e-book before the lending time has expired, which will make the book available for lending before the expiration date of your loan. The easiest way to return a book from the Library view is to open the menu in the upper left corner of the book and selecting “Return Borrowed Item”.

esimerkkikuva 4 e-kirjan palautus

It is not necessary to return the book; it will automatically expire once the lending period has passed. The PDF file will remain in your computer, but it is possible to delete this file. The file can be deleted by selecting “Delete Item” from the menu in the upper left corner of the book (Library view).

esimerkkikuva 5 e-kirjan vanhentuminen

You can loan the same e-book as many times as you like, provided that your library have copies available for lending.