Installing the Adobe Digital Editions e-book reader is free and easy.

The following instructions details how to install the Adobe Digital Editions application. These instructions applies to all versions of the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The application is installed personally for each individual user.


  1. Go to Adobe Digital Editions download page. In the bottom left corner, a button marked “Install” will be displayed. In case this button is not visible, you first need to install Flash Player. Click the “Install” button.

    esimerkkikuva 01 ade lataussivu

  2. Confirm that you want to install Adobe Digital Editions by clicking “Install” once more.

    esimerkkikuva 02 reader lataussivu jatkoa

  3. Click “Yes” to start the installation of Adobe Digital Editions. Downloading the installation package to your computer may take some time.

    esimerkkikuva 03 reader lataussivu jatkoa 2

  4. Once the installation files have been downloaded, the installer application will launch. Click “I Agree” to install these files on your computer.

    esimerkkikuva 04 setup

  5. Once the files are installed, Adobe Digital Editions will launch and display a settings dialogue. Click “Continue” to configure Adobe Digital Editions.

    esimerkkikuva 05 setup

  6. You will be asked whether you would like to activate your Adobe Digital Editions with yout Adobe ID.

    If you have an Adobe ID, enter your ID and password and click “Authorize Computer”.

    If you want to create an Adobe ID, click “get an Adobe ID online”. More information is available under Activation.

    If you do not want to use an Adobe ID, click “Don’t Authorize Computer”.

    Finally, click “Activate”.

    Important! The Ellibs library system does not require an Adobe ID. Books can be loaned and viewed in multiple computers without an Adobe ID.

    esimerkkikuva 06 setup activate

    If you select “Don’t Authorize”, a warning message will be displayed. You can move on by clicking “Continue”.

    esimerkkikuva 06 setup jatkoa

  7. Once all the steps have been gone through, the application is ready to be used. Click “Finished” to start using Adobe Digital Editions.

    esimerkkikuva 07 asennusohjelma

  8. The installation is now complete and Adobe Digital Editions will launch the Library view. You are now ready to loan e-books!

    esimerkkikuva 13 adeasennus - valmis


Using Adobe ID when downloading and activating e-books allows the user to read the e-book on several devices. Without an Adobe ID, it’s only possible to read the book on one device. The following instructions details how to register an Adobe ID. This registration is free of charge.

  1. By clicking the “get an Adobe ID online” link in the installation program you will be taken to Adobe’s registration page. Click “Create an Adobe Account”.

    esimerkkikuva 01 adeaktivointi - alkaa

  2. A form will be displayed. Enter your information into the form; the fields marked with a star are mandatory.

    esimerkkikuva 02 adeaktivointi - jatko

  3. Once you have entered your information, click “Continue”. If your entered information is valid, a message will be displayed stating that the registration was successful.

    esimerkkikuva 03 adeaktivointi - jatko2

  4. You can now enter your Adobe ID and password in Adobe Digital Editions and then clicking “Authorize”. All subsequently downloaded e-books will be authorised with your Adobe ID; if you install Digital Editions in an other device and enter the same Adobe ID, it will be possible to copy your books to this other device.

    esimerkkikuva 04 adeaktivointi - jatko3